I have been in touch with Jessica for a number of years now over a myriad of issues. Each and every time, she has provided me with profound insight and fresh perspectives, which leaves me feeling calm and unshakeable. Not only is Jessica a wealth of wisdom, she is incredibly warmhearted and always has my best interests at heart. When life gets bumpy, I’m always so grateful that she’s just a phone call away. ~ Ashley Nicholson

Jessica’s readings provide clarity for current experiences as well as insight into the future. She offers what she sees initially and then focuses on your questions specifically. Her wisdom and gifts are apparent, and she conveys the guidance with compassion. ~ Shelly Wilson

Like many people living in the Western world, I have an over-thinking, busy brain and I attempt to solve everything from the cognitive domain. Sometimes this works for me, and many times it does not. When I get ‘scrambled’ because the scientist in me keeps trying to solve things cognitively, I call Carolyn. Carolyn’s tell-it-like-it-is style and phenomenal wisdom helps me problem solve in a very unique and effective way. I am truly grateful to have her in my life.  ~ Megan Way Nicholson

There are so many wonderful things I can say about Jessica. She is truly a blessing. When I first spoke with her, I was slightly skeptical, but soon after, she began telling and describing my cat that had passed away, and I knew! It was very emotional. Since that first time, I have talked with her several other times about personal life choices and career paths. She has opened my eyes to a lot, including meditation and self-awareness. She gave me a prayer and a saying. She told me to use them every day to help clear my mind and to sort through my emotions. I find that these sayings help with my anxiety as I feel more calm and can think clearly afterwards. I definitely recommend speaking to Jessica in general, but also if you wish to speak to a pet that has passed away, or if you are having anxiety problems. She truly is a wonderful, sincere person. ~ Kelcy W.

I have come to Jessica in the past to ask her for spiritual intuitive advice, and she has amazed me with the accuracy of her readings. She told me details about personal things that I wouldn’t have shared with anyone. Jessica has been working with Spirit for many years, and it shows through her spiritual guidance. She also really cares about those she helps and has a deep compassion for them, especially in their time of need. I have developed a deep trust with her and know God has blessed her with her gifts to help others when they are struggling and trying to find their way, or when they just need to hear a much needed spiritual message! ~ Christy Clark

Jessica has helped myself and my daughter many times with life choices and by also contacting pets that have passed. Jessica is truly gifted, and she has guided us and helped us with our spirit guides and with issues in our personal lives. She has never been wrong! Jessica’s light burns bright and strong. She is an amazing lady, and we are so lucky to know her. She truly cares about everyone – people and creatures. During one reading she described the kitty that my daughter grew up with, passing at age 19. He talked through Jessica, and the details were spot-on! She also described every kitten in a litter that passed, right down to the bumps on one little guy’s nose. She helped us locate a lost kitty that she’d never seen, saying there was something about green around his head, and he didn’t have a happy childhood. When he first came to us, he was cut up, and someone had drawn green marker all over his face. My vet said he had been abused and malnourished. ~ Lori Weakland

I first met Jessica Carolyn during a spiritual awareness conference 25 years ago. We immediately felt a deep respect for each other’s gifts and for our spiritual connection. Carolyn is an accomplished empath and spiritual teacher. Her readings are full of life wisdom and reveal unique insights into your life’s story and Divine purpose. She has done dream interpretations and readings for me that always awaken me to something I had not seen before. One reading in particular inspired me to break free from deeply held assumptions to begin a new personal life path in my life story. I have always received clarity and insights from Carolyn’s consultations. ~ Marilyn Davidson, Personal Evolution Life Coach

Although I don’t have extensive experience with psychics, I have visited several over the years. I have known Jessica for over three years, and she is amazing, especially concerning people that have passed. Many questions that I have had about family members for years have been answered. She has also been very helpful regarding situations that I have faced in my everyday life. Recently, my sister and I were discussing something that she had told us a couple of years ago. I had not talked to Jessica in several months, but I immediately received a text from her saying that we were on her mind. I highly recommend her. ~ Mary Kirtley, Oklahoma City, OK


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